I replay moments of my past and beat myself up for the mistakes I made. Sometimes, I even catch myself wondering what could have been, had I did something else or said something differently. Then I snap out of it, return to the present, and realize that all that dwelling is doing me very little good. If you’re reading this, you’re still alive, and if you’re still alive, then your story has yet to fully play out. Don’t regret your yesterdays, as they’ve helped build the champion you are today, and the amazing person you’re continually becoming for tomorrow. Mistakes are not the enemy, they are our teachers, don’t be afraid to make more moving forward #BLESS

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Shake Your Ass | Shake Your Mind | 416 | Son of a Cabbie | Rhyme Slanger | Author | Bushy Bearded Bandit| Your Future Ex-Boyfriend | http://humblethepoet.com |

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