Are you proud of yourself? It's a loaded question that deserves more than a YES or NO, but it's a great question to ask. Our self-esteem can grow and shrink with the opinions of others, but our self-respect and personal pride grow and shrink with our opinion of ourselves. We can always be more proud of ourselves, and it's a good direction to head in. There's an unlimited amount of directions that can make us feel more proud, and often they all involve doing hard things. Maybe it's sitting in the ice for 2 mins, or telling the truth when a lie works better, or consistently sharing your work with the world, no matter how many likes and shares it gets.
We all have things to be proud of & things that we're not so proud of, that's what makes us human. Every day, we can choose to gain some progress in those things by working at them. I learned that I'm prouder of writing my books than the fact that they became bestsellers. I don't have much control over who and how many people read my stuff, but I did have complete control over my effort to get those books done. We don't have to wait for the world to tell us we can like ourselves, or that we're good enough, we can decide any goal and work towards it, and keep going until we're proud.
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