At a local Costco, I see cars lined up for 30 mins to save money on gas. Their average savings is about $5-6 a tank. At 30 mins, that means their time is worth about $10-12 an hour. We can make all the money in the world, but we can't make time, and that's what makes it so valuable.

Most of our jobs require us to trade time for money. We're paid hourly, or a salary, but that's often in transaction for the time we spend working. I experienced that as a teacher. When I left to be Humble The Poet, no one was paying me for my time. They were paying me for my work, and that made me realize how much more valuable my time was. This isn't to say we can pay extra to save time, and then dick around with the time we save. But each of us does have a special talent, that if fostered, practiced and worked on could earn us much more than $10-12 an hour. Rich folks don't simply pay others to cut their grass because they can't be bothered, sometimes it's because they understand that they could work on something else in that same time that will not only earn them more money, even after paying someone else to cut the grass. It's a shift I had to learn myself as one of the first entrepreneurs in my family, but it's an idea I want to leave you with. Maybe spend one less hour on netflix, instagram, or whatever you do on your downtime, and focus it on something that can help you earn. Whether it's decorating cakes, learning to code, making dance videos, or any of the millions of other value adds people are willing to pay for. Try it out, and maybe redefining the value of time could be a major shift in how and WHO you spend it on. #BLESS

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