I’ve probably clocked more miles around the world with @iisuperwomanii than I have with anyone else in the world, and every time we jump on a flight to a new destination, we don’t come back as the same people. We learn new things, we evolve from those lessons, and by being around each other, we reinforce the learning and growth so it’s not just a temporary flash of inspiration. As Lilly starts her new day job as a late-night host on @NBC, and life continues to show me new things, I’m sure we’ll spend less time travelling and more time finding reasons to stay right where we are. None of that means our relationship will suffer, it just means we’ll grow in different ways, and not only strengthen our friendship in new ways, but further cement the fact that we’re family. People evolve, relationships evolve, life evolves.
Let’s open our sails to catch the right winds, instead of fighting things that seem new and unfamiliar. Beyond Lilly, I still have all the same friends I did from junior school, many live in different cities and went to different schools, but we didn’t allow the change in situation to create any negative change in our relationships, and I encourage you to do the same with the people that matter in your life. Here’s to continuous growth and evolution with the homies, family members, and everyone in between #BLESS

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