Flew to #NYC recently and found the brightest turban I could find for the flight. Got to the airport and remembered that in 🇨🇦 we don’t really play the fear game, and I cleared security and US customs in 6 mins. I guess so many folks are scared to fly today that the lines are shorter than usual 🙂. Life after 9/11 for me can be best described as interesting. It’s interesting to see how quickly fear can consume and also how easily a bushy bearded buck toof smile can combat that. I’ve experienced hate and love for the way I’ve looked, and I’ve decided to let the hate roll off and celebrate the love; I encourage y’all to do it too. So far the only hate I’ve experienced today has been from a select minority of people in my OWN community. I understand their fear, but I don’t respect it, nor will it impact my decisions moving forward. Everyone only looking out for their "own" is the result of divide and conquer, and that’s a step backwards. I don’t have to be Muslim to stand beside them, I don’t have to be a woman to stand by them, I don’t have to be a part of the LGBTQ community to stand beside them. I don’t have to wait for someone in my family to get cancer before raising money for research. All I have to do is open my heart, and remember that most of the fears we combat on a daily basis were taught, and therefore can be unlearned. If you’re riding with me, I know you feel the same. #BLESS 🙏🏾😊 ⁣

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Shake Your Ass | Shake Your Mind | 416 | Son of a Cabbie | Rhyme Slanger | Author | Bushy Bearded Bandit| Your Future Ex-Boyfriend | http://humblethepoet.com |

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