I dropped #Unlearn in 2014, it became a bestseller in Canada in 2017, and didn't get a release in the United States until 2019. The CEO of my publishing company said she had been following me for a few years before signing me, the head buyer at Barnes & Noble said she also had an original copy of my book and was happy I had found a major publishing home. If I judged my book's success from its 2014 release, I would have felt like a failure, but I was slowly realizing that releasing the book was planting a seed, and it was going to grow at its own pace.

The same thing applies to healing, whether it's a physical injury or a broken heart, it's going to happen at the pace that it happens, and we have to respect that time; that's patience.

When we're young, time moves slower, but the older we get, the faster it flies away from us. It's hard to make decisions that will only gratify us 10 years from now, but it's important; seeds need to be planted so trees will grow. You didn't learn how to read this caption overnight.. it took years of daily practice, starting with recognizing the alphabet, learning their sounds, and combining the sounds, all the way up to learning how to read between the lines. Let's apply that same baby-step approach to our fitness, finances, mental health, and any other skill we want to develop.

Get started, but don't have higher expectations than you have patience, that's a recipe for disaster. Celebrate the little steps, and before you know it, when enough time goes by, progress will reveal itself. Cutting corners will send you right back to the start quicker than you think. #BLESS

My new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US is now available. If you dig my writing, you’re going to love this book.

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