I get overwhelmed easily, even when it's good news. I'll start to overthink the long term implications of signing a deal, or taking a trip, and that usually leads to decision paralysis. Luckily, I have good people in my life who help me work through things and remember what to focus on. Every day, we have things worth complaining about, and things worth being immensely grateful for, and we have to decide our focus. It's easier to notice the 1 negative comment among the sea of positives, because that negative comment connects with something we've already been feeling on the inside. We have to become more aware that even if those thoughts exist within us, that doesn't mean they're true or deserve any validation. The fight for our focus is a battle we have to fight moment to moment, and when we catch ourselves in the dumps, we have to actively change the channel, whether that means switching up our physical environments, focusing on our breathing for an extra 15 seconds or even changing our outfits. We can't simply think our way out of a problem that started with our overthinking. Decide your focus, and take it where you want it to be. #BLESS

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