I used to own a condo by the subway station here in #Toronto. As my journey in the arts wasn’t working out, I had to sell the place and move back home with mom and dad; I felt defeated. I was embarrassed, ashamed, being 30+ and living at home with no idea how to make money, especially considering I quit a very stable job as a school teacher with the Toronto District School Board. I would avoid going near my old condo for years, it reminded me of that failure, and what I once had. Whenever I saw it, I felt my body begin to shake, and I would quietly endure an anxiety attack. Thoughts would race through my head like “you’re a fucking failure, why did you quit your job, who the fuck did you think you were to try to be an artist, look what you lost”. There wasn’t a human being that ever uttered those words to me, even the most insensitive comments I heard during my struggles weren’t so venomous, those voices were mine and mine alone. After some time went on, and more healing had occurred, I went back to my old neighborhood, and realized it was the tuition I had to pay. It’s that tuition so many avoid out of fear of what they’ll learn. In my worst days financially, I learned to live very simply, and when the money found me again, I kept my minimalist lifestyle. LA showed me a lot of very wealthy and miserable people, so I stopped thinking a bank balance would make me feel better, and most importantly, I learned to stop avoiding my failures, because they're my teachers. Whatever unpleasant memories we have from the past have nuggets of wisdom and silver linings to them, we just have to open our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to recognize them. Soon we’ll have the magic to create them when we can’t find them. What’s something from your past that you’ve been avoiding that you can share, so we can all gain from it? #BLESS

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