It’s simple, to stand with farmers of India isn’t to start a privileged debate over government policies, it’s a stance that encourages individuals and groups to fight to preserve their dignity and way of life. Over 350 Farmer groups have been demonstrating in over 20,000 locations across India against new policies that are largely seen as pro-corporation and anti-farmer. These are people that have fed their country for generations, and they deserve a hand and voice in their future. The government’s violent response to their demonstrations is more reason why their voice needs to be amplified

The pandemic has shown us that governments will choose policies that help big corporations over the little guy. When it comes to these issues, we’re all complicit, supporting “modern” changes that give us convenience, but impact the livelihood of the working people. I’m the son of a cab driver who uses Uber, a friend of local business owners who uses Amazon. The device in your hand contains cobalt, that cobalt was mined by a child, as young as seven, in the Congo.

It’s not a guilt and shame contest, it’s a recognition that we’re all part of the problem, and therefore can contribute to the solution. The solution can be spreading words of support, donating, or hitting the streets shoulder to shoulder to help amplify the voices of those fighting for justice.

I come from the lineage of these farmers, so this matters to me, I’m not here to force it to matter to you. But please find what matters to you, something beyond you, and stand with it.

To those marching to New Delhi.. keep marching, keep mobilizing, keep fighting for your families, your history, your future, your livelihood, your voice and your freedoms ✊🏾 #love

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