It’s easier to cancel on the friend who will be understanding than it is to cancel on that friend who will make you feel bad, but easier doesn’t mean it’s better. As we spend more time on this planet, we think we have less time for all the things that were so fun as children. Much of that had to do with friends. Now we call things social obligations; weddings every weekend, birthday parties, going away parties, the events never end, but rarely is the motivation to go somewhere and have fun. It’s become to show face because there’s certain people we can’t say NO to, for whatever reason.

This is exhausting, and counter to what will actually provide us with a healthy circle of relationships to thrive off. It’s okay to disappoint people, I do it all the time. Some guilt me, some understand. The ones that guilt me get called out for guilting me, and the ones that understand are thanked, and I make effort the next time. Make time for those worth making time for.

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