I've had my heart broken, I've been lied to, I've been betrayed, I've been physically attacked, I've been robbed; but no matter the traumatic experience, I had to keep moving and let time do the healing. We can do a lot to slow down the healing, so we have to respect the time it takes for things to feel better. Sometimes our only solution is to distract ourselves, go on a Netflix marathon of Harry Potter, listen to our friends' problems, or burn every last piece of anxiety at the gym. Whatever you choose, just ensure you're not picking at the wounds of your trauma. We need to revisit our traumas though, voluntarily, so we can learn from them. Avoiding looking our past traumas in the eyes just gives them more power to haunt us. I'm not saying we have to do this overnight, but we have to make that commitment to help the healing. I've made poor decisions during my healing, and I've made great decisions; we're human, we won't always get it perfect, but we have to try. I hope you try, and keep trying until things feel better. #BLESS

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