We all want to feel useful, that’s the not-so-secret-secret in life. We want to be noticed, we want to matter. Being significant is important. Even those of you reading this saying “I don’t care what other people think of me” only say that because you feel not caring and not fitting in gives you significance. We can feel significant from getting a lot of likes on instagram, or getting that cutie’s phone number, or winning an award, or hearing our parents say “I’m proud of you” (unless your parents are brown, then don’t hold your breath). Instead of hearing from our parents, we can find significance in being parents, knowing there’s a life completely dependent on us, and through that we can find purpose and usefulness in this painfully difficult journey called life.
I’m not here to tell you how to feel significant, you can do it by showing your booty, or your brain, or anything in between. Some ways to scratch the itch are more sustainable than others, but life will teach you that on its own. I encourage you to explore the powers you have to create, because there’s so much you can add to this life through whatever genius you possess. Everyone has a story to share, so please share it any way you want, whether that’s a painting, a poem, or an unnecessarily long instagram caption. Maybe it’s a dance, or a special way to decorate a cake, or a new approach to quantum computing. Whatever it is, explore it and share it, and you’ll spend less time chasing the micro-dopamine hits we get when we scroll through social media, or practice self-pity. We are a creation of creators, so let’s all get cracking and start creating.
Leave a comment and let me know your story, and how you want to share it.

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