My friend, Matthew Hussey

When it became public that I was in #Poland with a group of influential men, the majority of messages I got were about @thematthewhussey from the ladies, and how lucky I was to be on a trip with him. I wasn't aware of who Matthew was when I met him, and I'm grateful for that blank slate. There weren't really any shy guys in our group, but I noticed Matthew was never the first to speak when we had sharing sessions. I realized it was because he made it a priority to listen more than be heard. When he did speak, he would incorporate the thoughts and feelings of everyone and so accurately articulate his own (that british accent didn't hurt either). It made a lot of sense that he's one of the most sought after and influential relationship experts on the planet. We got to have some great 1-on-1 chats as well, and each time, I was gifted with so much insight, truth, and perspective on life, love, and business that I hadn't come across before.

Bigger than his celebrity and resume is his heart; Matthew always made time to actively listen, speak without any guards up, and offer any assistance needed. Even when he shared challenges he's encountered, it always came from a place of curiosity rather than self-pity, and I found that to be very inspiring. It wasn't until after I got home from Poland did I look up his work, and realize how much anxiety he melts for people dealing with some of the most confusing and cloudy ideas we have about relationships & love

My friends at home tease me about how I get to chill with the cool kids now, and they’re not wrong, but as cool as a guy like Matthew is, there’s a warmth to him that is far greater. I’m grateful to call you brother now, and look forward to more adventures with you. #BLESS

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