The amazing @LewisHowes invited me to Poland to train with @iceman_hof, and on the first day, we were invited to jump off a waterfall into ice water. I’ve never jumped in water before, let alone ice-cold water in Poland in January. I don’t know how to swim, or tread water, but I did it. Fuck, the amazing feeling you get when you do something that scares the shit out of you. The water was cold and it hurt, but I survived and feel like a champ. This is the purpose of being here with Wim Hof, it’s to learn about breathing techniques that better connect us with ourselves, and to spend large amounts of time in ice-cold water to retune our relationship with discomfort, suffering, and the limitations we’ve set for ourselves. ⁣
In the first 2 days, I learned how to hold my breath for 3 minutes, sat in ice-cold water for 10 minutes and had life-changing conversations that have permanently dented my soul.
This is easily the greatest trip of my life.
Once I get back to reliable wifi, I’ll share more pics and in-depth stories of the highs, the lows, and everything in between. But I want to let you all know that so much can get better in our lives from simply reclaiming our breath. Wim isn’t doing some mystical secret breathing meditation only reserved for special folks, he’s showing us how to add more oxygen to our blood through taking deeper breaths, creating a stronger connection with ourselves, and changing the way we feel in uncomfortable situations (aka ice cold water). I’m excited to share all the stories and the value I’ve been gaining from this trip. ⁣

In the meantime follow my new brothers @weatherford5, @jesseitzler, @nicksymmonds, @marqbro , @thematthewhussey, @aubreymarcus, @mikeposner and @thematthewhussey. ⁣

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