Nothing lasts forever, and that's the reason everything has a value, because it won't always be here. We know this because we pretend many things will always be here for us, and the way we do that is by taking it for granted (thus showing how little value it has in our eyes).

We would all live very differently if we knew we only had 24 hours to live, but that may be too extreme. We all often live and stress like we'll be here forever, which it self is just as extreme. Having a regular reminder that things won't be here forever is a happy medium, that saves us from existential dread, and complete monotony.

Our relationship with death is an important one because it directly relates to our relationship with life. Instead of looking at how temporary everything is as a tragedy, we can choose to see the beauty in it. All things must come to an end, including us, so let's not waste the time we have being in places, doing things, and being around people that don't make us feel alive.

We can complain and blame all we want or just remember: I'LL BE DEAD SOON, and ask what should we do with that realization. For some it may mean quitting a job, for others it may mean doubling down in school. Each answer will be as unique as the handsome friend asking it. I appreciate y'all using some of your temporary time reading my words. #BLESS

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