Words and Thoughts Paint Our Lives

Our words and thoughts matter — they paint our lives. When we complain, we’re making things worse. When we’re mean to ourselves, even in our head, we’re making things worse. The quality of our thoughts and words will impact the quality of our lives, it’s that simple. ⁣
Our complaints, our self-pity and self-victimization are toxic. Even when you feel those things coming on, dodge them, change the channel, watch a cute puppy video online. Read a Humble The Poet quote, do 10 pushups; make a different decision that will help take your life in a different direction. #BLESS

Written by

Shake Your Ass | Shake Your Mind | 416 | Son of a Cabbie | Rhyme Slanger | Author | Bushy Bearded Bandit| Your Future Ex-Boyfriend | http://humblethepoet.com |

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