So Grateful Social Media Wasn’t A Thing When I Was a Teenager

Social media isn’t an absolutely evil entity, it’s the reason you know who I am, but there’s a permanence to social media that is hard to conceive. Every word we type on here will last FOREVER, and the way information has been weaponized, this stuff can come back to bite anyone in the ass at any time. When I was 16, I lived with my heart much more than my head and made impulsive decisions, but everything wasn’t recorded permanently onto the cloud. Every picture we post, every comment we leave, every keystroke we make is more permanent than a face tattoo, and that’s hard to wrap our heads around. I’m not advocating that everyone quit social media, it’ll forever be a double-edged sword like everything else in life. I’m advocating that we all take 15 seconds to think before we post, knowing that even though it’s easy, it’s still forever. That extra 15 seconds can prevent us from kicking ourselves for the next 50 years.

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