Tag some good people in your life and let them know they're appreciated.

I, like everyone else, want to be around great people. The type of people I admire, and have qualities I wish I had. I, like everyone else, get exhausted when I'm around people who feel more like obligations to be around than fun. I spent a lot of time making it seem like I was a victim of the people around me, until I grew up and realized that I set the tone for the company I keep. If you want an amazing friend, be an amazing friend; not just to others, but also to yourself. If you're giving in friendships and relationships and feel like it's a one way street, don't complain, be kind enough to yourself to walk away from them. Obviously the best situations are when no one is keeping score, but we're human, and it's bound to happen. Being the type of person you want to be surrounded with will open you up to amazing people, but it will also expose you to others seeking the same, but not willing to put in the work themselves. It's up to us to mindful of that, and spend our time, attention, love and energy accordingly. Our primary source of love and friendship has to start from within, and be shared outward, not the other way around. #BLESS

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