The japanese art of Kintsugi is to repair broken pottery with gold, this makes the cracks look beautiful, and I think that's how we should see our own. None of us are going to make out alive, or unscathed, so let's lean into the life we have, revisit our darkest moments, and find the value that may be hiding in there. It's an odd thing to think about, walking towards that feel scary and uncomfortable, but it's really the only recipe of growth we've known since birth. An easy day at the gym is a wasted day, and too many easy days in life can create atrophy.

There's very few of you reading this who aren't holding onto some form of trauma from the past; it feels like a bolder, when really it's a thin veil imprisoning us to the life we can really live. We chase pleasure not out of enjoyment, but out of medication from the pain we feel, and until we visit that pain, face the traumas (even with help) we'll forever be caught in that cycle. Real happiness is peace, and when we focus on creating that peace, we can spend less time chasing pleasure, and more time appreciating all the challenges that life has gifted us to be better people. #BLESS

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