The more I understood, the less I feared,

The more I understood, the less I feared, and the less I feared, the less I needed to control things by passing judgment on others. These emotions are universal to all of us, and we’re light-years better off when we can be aware of when our fears are holding the megaphone. Think of all those people you’ve heard gossip about but have never met — whether they are public figures or just people you went to school with or work around. How many conclusions have you drawn about them? The ideas planted in our heads can paint unfair biases that can affect how we treat other people, and we need to catch ourselves when we do this and others when they try to do this to us.

I hesitate to say Love is the way because it feels clichéd and a
bit too kumbaya, but letting another emotion besides fear hold the
steering wheel can create some beautiful outcomes. We learn so
much about ourselves and the world around us when we learn about other people.

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