The new normal doesn’t feel very normal at all, but isn’t that how all curveballs in life feel?

We all had these plans, and then this giant monkey wrench came in and clogged everything up. Most of us have gotten through our self-pity phase and have begun to adjust accordingly. For some of us, we haven’t fully grasped how different things are about to be. No matter where you are in this spectrum of change, pay attention to how you handle it. EVERYONE on the planet is dealing with this, so please don’t think the universe is singling you out. Keep that attitude when other random curveballs are thrown your way as well (because many more curveballs are to come).

I want to see the beauty in change before I feel it, so I can bring more beauty to it. Often, that relationship with beauty is simply a decision of where we want to put our focus. It’s been 2 months since this side of the world decided to take things very seriously, and there seems to be a flicker of light off in the distance. It’s the end of the beginning, let’s embrace the challenges that are waiting for us in the next chapters.

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