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Humble & Porn, it only makes sense right? I am mega fortunate to have crossed paths with the amazing & wonderful @asahole, as her guest on the @pornhub podcast. We chatted for 3 hours, and it reinforced something we all know (but often forget); no matter who we are, we all deal with the same shit. Whether we’re trying to stroke our ego trying to be a best selling author, or winning an award for our performance in an adult film, the underlying challenges are the same. Asa and I connected on our roots as children of immigrants, our journeys in non-traditional jobs, and everything else under the sun. After being on the Pornhub podcast, I was welcomed into a community of amazing people, who, because they exist in such a judged industry, are some of the warmest most open minded people I’ve met. That’s how it goes, when others judge us for not being like them, we have the choice to continue that cycle of closed-minded judgy-ness, or we become the opposite, and open our hearts even more. Check my IG story for a swipe up to the full interview.

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