There are levels to gratitude.. the bare minimum is having to remind people of their privileges when they start complaining about them. Read up on Liberia or North Korea, and you’ll realize that your problems aren’t problems, they’re simply dilemmas.
The truth is, other people around the world (let’s call them the 99%) are so busy trying to survive, that they don’t have time to get depressed over an Instagram pic that didn’t get enough likes, or missing out on Coachella. Their best days may be twice as hard as your worst days, but I’m not going to hold that against you or make you feel guilty, we all get comfortable; it’s the creature we are.
The truth is, gratitude is the only thing that will make us happy, and expressing and recognizing gratitude only comes from within. If I gave you a Ferrari, it’s easy to muster up the gratitude. But what about for the simple fact that we’re alive, on a side of the ocean where we don’t have to worry about famine, conflict, disease, or even intense persecution. That gives us the luxury to get offended over #Trump tweets, and cyber bully people who have opinions different than ours.
When I see that type of energy, I want to show compassion for people, who have lost their ability to find something worth saying "thank you" for in their lives. We ALL have something to say "thank you" for, whether we make the effort to do so, is up to us.
If you want to feel better about life, then make gratitude your religion. If you want to stay miserable, then make complaining your way of life. The choice will always be yours, as J Cole says "choose wisely" #BLESS

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