This is the moment things will change. This isn’t a motivational talk, this is the language of the person inside of you that is done with the same old. We all have challenges to overcome. Life isn’t fair, never was and never will be. The playing field isn’t level; so what, we’re going make it happen anyways. We all have some form of depression, social anxiety, economic hardship, or a billion other factors that make everything feel uphill, but we get to decide if that’s the central theme holding us back, or the reason our story is worth living, reading, and sharing. It takes less energy to complain about challenges than it does to push on. That struggle is the very secret to amazing lives: rewards come from being uncomfortable. I’m not talking about everlasting happiness, that’s a sugary fairytale sold to us by Disney movies and religion. The rewards I’m talking about are the enhanced way we get to experience this life. We can look back and be like "holy sh*t, I started at one spot, and look how far I’ve come". We always have control over our effort, so let’s focus on that instead of the 99.9999999% of this existence that’s out of our hands. Let’s stop waiting for things to be better, and start making things better. Let’s turn these challenges into triumphs and realize that’s what this experience of life really is, just figuring new sh*t out every day. The pain is a gift, the failure is a gift, the heartbreak is a gift, stop avoiding them, because that fear-based life really only means you’re avoiding your potential, a potential that is far greater than anything you can receive from thumbing through the internetz. It’s the choice we have every moment: make progress, or make excuses. Fly Baby #BLESS Tag someone who needs to read this!

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