Those Who Anger You, Conquer You

I remember getting offended at something I saw on TV like 5 years ago. It ruined my day and it was so pointless and stupid that when I regained my senses, I vowed never to get offended again. I still get upset, and people in my life still have to deal with Humble The Petty ever so often, but that’s because I’m human (a human with a sexy beard, but a human nonetheless). All of our emotions are important, but we have to see the waste in giving emotional real estate to the things that deserve them the least. The top of that list is things you see in media and online. Most of the things we encounter that offend us, whether it’s a #Trump tweet, culturally insensitive advertising, or something else our creative brains decide can be pointed out to feed cancel culture, exist for offending/polarizing us for attention. We are being conquered and manipulated, and we’re better off being aware of this. Anger can manifest itself as rage or even tears, oftentimes both, so be mindful of the situations, people, and things you see online that trigger you. Take some responsibility to limit your exposure to that stuff, and realize that it’s very profitable and controlling for people to piss you off. The more aware we are of this, the less likely we are to get angered as easily as before. #bless

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