Those Who Offend You, Conquer You

Even when a close friend is critical of me, I may spend four minutes getting defensive before regaining my composure, hearing what that friend has to say, and applying it accordingly. My constant mantra on this topic is simply “those who offend you, conquer you.”

Presidential tweets can elicit an eye roll, but they never make it to my heart, nor will personal attacks or anything else that may have rattled me a few years before.The internet has made it very easy to tell the world you’re offended, and at this point, everyone can find anything offensive. ⁣
Screaming “I’M OFFENDED!” online is a way of finding people who show you empathy; it’s a call to connect, and as much as I can relate to wanting to connect to others, it’s not the most sustainable way of
going about it. Feeling sorry for ourselves because someone else did something we don’t like, and then proceeding to tell the world about it, isn’t the best use of our energy.

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