Time is always worth more than money

You can make your money back. But once time is spent, it’s gone for good. I finally put my well-being above my bank account, which had been the end goal that ended up derailing me. I focused on creating and found joy in all the challenges that came with it. Ideas that had been swimming in my brain finally got to see the light of day.

One of the priorities for everything I worked on was that it had to be enjoyable and inspiring. As I began to focus more on the rainbow, the pot of gold meant less and less. I made enjoying the journey more important than worrying about the destination — not because I was enlightened, but because I had been aiming for the destination and hitting it, but not feeling good, so what was the point?

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Shake Your Ass | Shake Your Mind | 416 | Son of a Cabbie | Rhyme Slanger | Author | Bushy Bearded Bandit| Your Future Ex-Boyfriend | http://humblethepoet.com |

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