We all have seasons in our lives. There was a season in my life where I had no other choice but working to get my lips above the water. I needed to earn money to pay off debt, and to fund this movement I was starting. I had to prioritize my work over my relationships; I even went too far and prioritize the work over my health. Life gave me a kick in the ass to realize that my work was worthless if I wasn’t healthy enough to exist. As money got more stable, and I gained clarity of my purpose with their work, I re-realized the importance of the people I had around me, this time, not for my gain, but for the fact that good people aren’t the easiest to find. Our relationships are super essential to our lives, and loneliness can never be sustainably addressed by throwing money at it.
The time we spend is time we can never gain back, and it’s an important thing to think about, especially considering that we all feel super time-poor in our hectic lives. I’m not here to tell you what to value, I’m here to tell you to think about what you value, and let that be reflected in the time you spend. I used to only care about my work, I was on the hustle. Now I’m moving towards people and experiences, but understanding my work allows me to have both in more abundance. Some things we can make back, some things, once spent, are gone forever. So please decide your focus. #BLESS

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Shake Your Ass | Shake Your Mind | 416 | Son of a Cabbie | Rhyme Slanger | Author | Bushy Bearded Bandit| Your Future Ex-Boyfriend | http://humblethepoet.com |

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