Trying to make everyone happy is a waste of time

I used to think I was hater-proof. I mean, who could hate on this luscious beard, right? Apparently a lot of people.
In the beginning, I assumed the hate would come from a bunch of racist folks, but really most of the animosity directed towards me came from people that looked just like me. That confused me initially until I realized they had the most biases about what a guy with a turban and beard should be and how he should act. That’s the eternal battle artists have to fight with the world around them, these are the people who love the past and find change uncomfortable. I don’t have to adhere to the ways of the past, especially when I have the power to pave a better future, just like you. Trying to make everyone happy is a waste of time, especially if it’s not leaving YOU happy. This isn’t a simple cry to throw up two middle fingers and ignore the world, it’s a reminder that you have magic in you, and the opinions should not stop you from and sharing it with the world. In a world that wants to tell you who you are, your only choice is to figure it out first. This society profits off your self-doubt, so the only useful act of rebellion is to like who you are, then you don’t waste money buying their dumb shit to feel better. Many of the people we celebrate of the past weren’t celebrated while they were still here, so don’t worry about the crowd, do you, follow your enthusiasms. What excites you, that may not be the most popular thing? 🤔Leave a comment and let me know. #BLESS 🙏

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