Democracy is a super interesting social experiment. It’s one of the few ways of governing that makes room to adjust and evolve. Many of the largest democracies in the world hardly feel like everyone has a voice, but there are tiny opportunities to change that; those tiny opportunities are better than the non-existent opportunities in other places of the world.

Sometimes we have a choice, sometimes it’s only an illusion of choice, and sometimes there’s no choice at all. Regardless, there’s always an opportunity to amplify voices, take actions, get involved, and be more informed.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” — (not Winstin Churchill)

Maybe things get worse tomorrow, maybe things get better, maybe things stay the same, or maybe we gotta wait longer to find out. Either way, if you have an opportunity to join the chorus of people expressing their thoughts, opinions and feelings about the leader of the free world, I hope you take it #LOVE #vote