We Gain More From Letting Go

We’ve been infected with the idea that we need to be and have more to feel like we’re good enough. That infection is fed by capitalism (aka the religion of “buy shit, be happy”). Combine that with our innate need for acceptance from our tribes (aka other people), we pretty much are born and trained never to feel like we’re enough. The only reason we’re not enough is that we think we’re not enough, and instead of adding more to our lives to temporarily feel better (and everyone reading this has experienced that temporary feeling I’m talking about), we can work to shave things away from our lives. I’m not advocating for everyone to be a minimalist and have nothing, but we’ll all feel light if we let go of some key things: our expectations of the world, ourselves and others. We think we have to be robots working all day, we think the opinions of others really matter, we think the world should be fair and owe us something. Right now we’re going through a unique time, and it’s this time we can practice the Unlearning (waddup book reference) necessary to not only get through this time but to come out better because of it.
Sure, we may be better because we took this time to learn a new language or recipe, but we’ll really evolve because we learned to live with less. In the beginning, it wasn’t a choice, but eventually, we got used to it and realized we could manage. We didn’t have an audience to appease, and it felt nice — we can keep those feelings even when the audience returns. Let’s learn to let go of the things weighing us down, instead of adding new things, in hopes that it’ll make us feel better.

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