What is my purpose? ⁣
What is your purpose? ⁣
What’s the meaning of life? ⁣
You may be thinking, "Humble, don’t promise me an easier life if I know my purpose, because figuring out my purpose is fucking hard". ⁣

I get the irony of the statement; I struggle with it myself. I find myself leaning towards what pushes me instead of what pulls me. We’ve all got too many obligations and bills to think about, instead of what our purpose is; but, that doesn’t make it any less of an important question.⁣

I can’t tell you your WHY or promise you that once you figure it out, it’ll stay the same over time. I thought my WHY was to be a cool rapper and get a bunch of girls, then it became to put words together and get a bunch of girls, and now it’s figuring out why anything I did always involved trying to get girls. ⁣

What I can tell you is that if your motivations to do things come from anywhere else besides yourself, that motivation won’t last. Some people find purpose after tragedy (maybe it’s fighting cancer, or ensuring everyone has access to education). Others get it to deal with a chip on their shoulder (Owning their home, proving their parents wrong, impressing that girl that said no to you at the grade 8 grad dance). All I’m encouraging you to do is spend some time figuring out why you do the things you do, and keep reminding yourself. If that WHY begins to lose its shine, that’s okay, dig deeper and find what’s next. #BLESS⁣

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