What’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone

I’ve been having trouble living by my own words lately. I’m always writing that we need to judge less and understand more. When my friends call me to complain about something or somebody, I always annoyingly try to show them a different perspective. What I realized is that it’s very easy for me to be the open-minded, non-judgmental guy, when I’m dealing with things in small doses. Hearing a story about a person I’ll never have to deal with, allows me the luxury to sit back and see a different perspective. But, with the people I spend the most time with, I found myself being the opposite. I was more impatient with them than empathetic, I had more opinions than support, and I had to get called out on it before I realized it. Sometimes when we encounter others who are struggling with things we’ve since past, we have to remember it wasn’t easy for us when we were in their shoes. I’m not 17 anymore, but I’ve been 17, and that means it’s my responsibility to understand a 17-year-old more than I could ever expect them to understand me. I’ve been in their shoes, but they haven’t been in mine. Genetically, through no credit of my own, I have strong cognition and can understand complex shit. Not everyone grew up with those same abilities. I have to remind myself to understand this and show compassion for them. Also, I need to understand that with an inbox full of people asking me to solve their life problems, being a trusted ear to so many friends who have no one else to turn to, to show myself compassion and recognize when I need a break from it all. What’s obvious to me won’t be obvious to others, and vice versa, and an extra 4 seconds of thought before we get all judgmental will do wonders for the empathy and compassion we can put out there. I’m also recognizing that if I can’t spare that 4 seconds, then maybe I need a break from folks until I get my shit in order again, and that’s okay. When we’re tired we should REST, not QUIT. #BLESS

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