Worry Is A Waste of Your Imagination

Worry is a waste of your imagination.
We can worry about the future so much that we’re robbed of our present. That worry can also result in fear so paralyzing, we can’t move forward in life.
None of us have a crystal ball, none of us can see the future, but that doesn’t stop us from creating one in our head, and sometimes using that as a reason not to do the things we need to do in our life.
We don’t need to wish for things in our life, we need to work for them. We don’t need to hope for a bright future, we need to trust ourselves to make one. The future is simply the result of the moments you spend in the present. Your present is now, don’t waste it worrying about a horrible future; that worry becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Is there a magic button to turn off worry? NO! Is the bearded-man writing this post free of worry? NO! Does anybody on this planet live worry-free? NO (We’d like to think so, but as long as we think of the future, worry can exist). This post isn’t meant to rid you of your worry, it’s meant to shine a light on it, so you can decide the price you’re paying by having it in your life.
Worrying about making the next mortgage payment is much different than worrying what people may think of you, or if you’ll ever find the love of your life. Decide which worries are worth space in your life, and then address them and kick the rest to the curb.

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